Pencil Booking for Live Cricket Vision Mixing in Leeds, UK - 21st July & 23rd July


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Pencil Booking for Live Cricket Vision Mixing in Leeds, UK - 21st July & 23rd July

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Long story short, I've been booked for two days of vision mixing on a TriCaster in Yorkshire and might need someone to step in to replace me at short notice. My wife is due to give birth on the 26th July so it's cutting it a bit fine in terms of dates and would like ideally to be able to pencil book someone if our little lad arrives early.

Appreciate it's not the best offer going, and at the risk of sounding like one of "those" people we've all come across, if this does not get confirmed and I end up doing it in the end, I'm sure we could work together on something in the future as my availability once the boy does come along will be more restricted than it is now!

If any of you are free and are happy to take a pencil on those dates (won't hold you to it and would totally understand if a proper booking came in) please do let me know.

Here is an overview of the job.
- Dates - Friday 21st July from 2pm onwards and Sunday 23rd July from 10am onwards
- Vision mixing 4 cameras - 2 manned covering the action, 1 manned camera getting audience shots and 1 locked off wide for live cricket event where the TriCaster output will be feeding the big screen
- Using my TriCaster 460 pre loaded with graphics and looping videos
- Using my launchpad with assigned macros for instant replays during the event
- Responsible for directing the cameramen via comms and putting the action live to the big screen
- Rate - be doing me a favour so happy to pass on full rate of the job which would be £475 per day + travel at cost

I hope that's a decent overview of it and would be ideal if you've got a bit of live sports experience as there is quite a bit going on and the action comes pretty thick and fast.

If you are free + interested please do let me know. Feel free to message me or give me a call on 07786807502.

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