PClean or other Polygon/Edge Clean up LScripts for Mac


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Hi There,

I have finally decided to try out Lightwave 2018 on a Macbook Pro running Mac os x version 10.8.5.

Anyway, I seem to be experiencing a lot of Polygons/Edges clean up problems and wondered if anyone had - PClean - for Mac or any other Mac Lscript to help clean up Polygons or extraneous Edges in Modeler to post.

I remember this was available sometime back for Mac but can't find it anywhere.

Much appreciated.



I remember that plugin on Windows platform not OS X.
If you importing from Sketch Up , models sometimes come pretty messy.
I would use then Polygon Statistic panel and choose Surfaces by clicking + sighn , in the drop down menu choose needed surface select it and put in another layer.
That way i'ts easier to clean up messy model.
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