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Quick W.I.P. of a PBR Metalness nodal shader. Should work with all rendering (F9 and VPR). Allows you to export metalness textures from any of the 3D paint packages and render them in Lightwave. (3DCoat, Quixel, Substance) Will expand on the shader later and get abilities to mix in addition values. For now make sure that you are using CS sRGB for this to look right and that your normal maps are set to Linear. If your model has a vertex Normal Map make sure to assign it at the base surface level. Smoothing Angle also works.

(best viewed on a sRGB monitor, not a 1080 rec709)

http://artisaverb.info/PBT.html (if you want the gun model to try)



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Does anyone know if there is a way to save a Nodal setup so it can be loaded into a project empty, then just add the relevant image maps/uv targets?
Obviously I can copy and paste, but could the preset shelf be used for this.

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I can just save the surface (nodes arn't blank but it does the job):D
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