Pausing/restarting individual streams


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I have a client who often streams to multiple Facebooks and YouTubes at a time. Occasionally, Facebook streams will fail and won't work unless the stream is stopped and started again; however, the YouTube streams are more consistent. It would be convenient to be able to stop an individual stream and not all of them in case just one of them is having issues.
This is sort of present on the more recent TC1/TC2. I dont know about the mini. You can start your encoder with only one destination enabled. This will become your master endpoint for encoder 1 (and 2 if you use it). You can then start it. After you start it you can go back into the encode setting and check the boxes of the RTMP destinations on that encoder. They will start as you check them. If something goes wrong with one of the encoders you can then uncheck THAT specific one as long as it is not the master and it will stop and you can restart it/edit it and start it up again. When I first used this I would start a local MP4 recording to act as the master as that way if there was an internet issue reaching one specific destination it should impact the primary destination of the encoder. With that being said, I often found that youtube/facebook etc encodes messing up often lead to the Tricaster software getting upset. While its not the tricasters fault that internet connectivity was lost for 15 seconds the tricaster can have trouble recovering in my experience. That could mean the recorders get messed up only or the UI stops responding and stays stuck on what ever was on program. As such I moved my recording and streaming needs outside of the tricaster and use AJA Helos. The good news is I think you can do what you are wanting to do today.
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