Particle exchange from Maya to LW


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Hey, guys, this is my first post on this forum, so excuse me if I posted in the wrong place. I have a small problem with my Lightwave scene. I set up my whole scene in Lightwave, but simulated the nParticles in Maya and I am not sure how to export the cache data back into Lightwave. I don't have the MDD exporter for Maya and I don't know the Alembic workflow, plus there is no tutorial for it anywhere. I did however convert my nParticles into mesh (triangular) in Maya and exported the Alembic cache. It works fine when I import that back into Maya, but when import that same alembic file in Lightwave, the mesh completely breaks.

Does anyone know either a way to fix this, or a way to properly import the nParticles data from Maya, so I can use HyperVoxels.


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