Panansonic AW-HN40/38, Dropping NDI frames, 180 in a row!


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I have 6 cameras. They have worked well over the years, all NDI POE solution. Sometime late last year they started to drop around 180 frames in a row, a few times an hour. They will hang tight and solid, zero drops... then, out of nowhere, 160-190 drops in a row, visible in Studio Monitor, and counted in vMix statistics.... Have tried lots of switches, replaced all cables, re-set all cameras, re-installed win10, and vmix... desktop, laptop, tried plugged in, on POE+, on POE++... spent too much time on the phone with Shawn from Panasonic support.... they say they cannot replicate it... I cannot roll back the firmware, or so I was told... So, I have these cameras that work great 99% of the time, which is just 1% less than I need...

Here are lots of tests of the cameras, which I captured/recorded... So, you can see the issue for yourself, if you are interested..

[private network/switch, no dhcp, static IP addresses, no other traffic whatsoever]

I did buy new Canon CR-N300s and I they are rock solid, same exact set up otherwise... Can anyone help me figure out how to get my Panasonics back into production... Thanks in advance for any thoughts...
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