P216 16-bit format


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Has anybody been successful at using NDI with 16-bit video? I am using the example code in the SDK called NDIlib_Send_16bit which is supposed to send P216. On the receiving side, I'm using the example code NDIlib_Recv. The receiver identifies this as UYVY. Here's a screenshot from VS debugger on Windows 10. I'm using SDK version 4.5.2.
Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 5.32.14 PM.png


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The example NDIlib_recv program uses defaults for the receiver, which probably specifies NDIlib_recv_color_format_UYVY_RGBA for the color format. Try explicitly creating a NDIlib_recv_create_v3_t struct, and set the color format to NDIlib_recv_color_format_best, and pass that to NDIlib_recv_create_v3()
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