Outgoing video signal drops quality


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I have a Talkshow VS-100 and do a live stream 2 times a week to our sister location in Georgia. For the past month or so we have noticed that our outgoing video quality, what the far end receives, drops significantly. It will start at 720 but within minutes drops to 320; yet the signal coming to us from Georgia never drops quality.

The only other streams we have going are Facebook through the Tricaster and Periscope through wifi on an iPhone. We have had this set up for over a year or so and this drop in video quality is fairly recent. I am running the most current update for the Talkshow as well as for the TX. I have wiped the system and done a reinstall as well as taken down the firewalls on the unit. Still no change. I even tested it at my home with no other streams or downloads happening. The signal never dropped while doing a test from the unit to my computer but when I tested it with my co-worker in Georgia the signal dropped as it usually does on our broadcasting nights.

Has anyone else had this problem with their Talkshow dropping signal quality to the far end?

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