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I have dozens of animations needed by football season (end of next month). Is there any hope of getting a release in the next month?

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We are re doing the videos and tweeking them for quality.
We don't want to post what we have giving people the wrong idea about what they can expect in the package. As soon as we have finals, we will post something.



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Verlon I'm sure what NewTek is working on is going to be awesome but it is not quite done yet. They need time to make it the best product available. In the mean time though if sports is what your after SportsFX from DiscreetFX just got released today.


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At this point it would have a tough time living up to the wait.

Good thing no one was planning on using it for baseball, basketball, or football season...

The only thing left this year is deer season. I wonder if we can expect hunting themes. :/

Maybe Q109 will see it released.


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I know right....Newtek It's time to quit beating around the Bush and give us a firm release date this cat & mouse game is getting out of hand.
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