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As at total newbee in CA and definitely in the Genoma/Nevron process I experience stuff too complicated to me since I just can´t make it work.

I am actually not new to LW but have always avoided all modules and parts of LW that crave that you are a master of script and coding or at least a geek to make things work. I am still hoping for new versions of LW where the goal must be to minimize any part that steals time and energy from the creative process. I have smelled MAYA, XSI and 3DMAX and always wondered how and why they avoid stuff like seems to have been tradition in LW. Examples like that you had to type in digits or scripts to even make really easy actions work in LW when the process were more user friendly in other 3D-suites made me sad to see.

I will give an example of how this tradition still decrease a workflow especially when trying to learn a new software, plugin or program module. (There are of course always two sides of a coin but if looking at the world market there must be other reasons than Autodesk monopolism that make many users go for other suites than LW.)

Question: How come you have put in question boxes that makes it more complicated and stops the workflow when everything is a riddle anyway when learning a new software? For the software team and skilled users these boxes with questions of course are easy to spot and solve, but for a new user it´s like taking a step backwards and read manuals, try to find information and ask more experienced users why or what LW means! In my opinion this is something that should have been offered like an optional choice to add for anyone with more experience but for a new relation between user and software, no, that´s an old version of communication.

Here are the questions I think could have been either involved with a visual option to keep or take away because as it is now they´re only confusing: "Draw bone angles in preview" - "Revert Back to previous Frames per Second Setting?"

Regards Jack
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