Only getting one of three spark signals over wifi.


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I teach video production at the high school level. We have a TC1 and three spark units, and I'm trying to produce football coverage. Mostly it goes well, and I'm excited about what we're doing, and the kids are doing great and love the work.

My problem is that we have three spark enabled cameras, all directly next to the announcer's box at the stadium. The box is where the antenna for the wi-fi is. The IT folks tell me that this antenna is restricted, unlike the one in our gym, which is public. One generally craps out and starts garbling the video or freezing the video, and the other might not ever work.

We did a test run during an event a month ago and found that of our three cameras, only one consistently delivered a signal.

Is there anything in your experience that may cause this outside of our proximity to the wifi antenna?
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