Only batch files on host machine work. Help please


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I'm setting up ScreamerNet on my network. My procedure was kind of a hybrid of the instructions in the HELP file with LW11.6 and the video instructions found at Carm3D ( )

The batch files that I made for my multi-processor "Server" work fine. However, I can't get the batch files that I've made for my remote slaves to work. When I go to run them, the CMD window pops up briefly and then closes.

This is a simple home network, so I assume that I specified something poorly in the slave batch files. Before I go back to the beginning, start setting everything up from scratch, maybe someone can see if my batch files are done incorrectly.

When the batch files didn't run, I tried mapping my network drives on the slave machine, but with no more success than before.

Wazzup? Suggestions appreciated!


Batch file for remote machine:
cd "L:\LightWave11.6\bin"
LWSN.exe -2 -c"L:\LightWave11.6\Config" -d"L:\LightWave11.6\Command\job3" "L:\LightWave11.6\Command\ack3"


Is anything obviously wrong? Thanks.

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cd L:\LightWave11.6\bin
LWSN.exe -2 -cL:\LightWave11.6\Config -dL:\LightWave11.6 L:\LightWave11.6\Command\job3 L:\LightWave11.6\Command\ack3
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