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I have a TriCaster Mini AE2. With the new version of NDI Tools I am unable to access my PTZOptics 20X NDI cameras.
Any ideas where I can find the older versions for download?


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What 'unable' to access' exactly mean? It doesn't show up? It gives you a message when you type to connect? You get black?

Does the camera show up inside NDI Studio Monitor on the system?

Has your PTZ Optics camera firmware been updated? I don't have one, but as I understand they have added HX2 support which doesn't work with AE2. I don't know if you can set it back to HX1 or have to go back in firmware.


I use PTZOptics with firmware updated and tricaster 460 AE3 without any problem. So I believe that AE3 is compatible with HX2.
Versioning is a bit frustrating On the NDI tools IMO. There are multiple releases under 4.5 for example but you must download and version them your self and keep your copies. I couldn’t find a way to even know when they had done an update at times other than downloading and trying. I have never found a NewTek maintained repository of old versions and I am not sure Why. It’s unfortunate when you need to roll back.


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Just to note it, the NDI Tools Launcher central to the NDI 5 release now shows the Tools version number ... baby steps.
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