Older TC Mini and the newer protocol NDi Apps


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We have an older TC Mini HDMI that can no longer be upgraded. We wanted to use the newer NDi apps that use the newer NDi HX protocal.... which the TC does not understand, and can't be made to.

After some conversations with tech support, here's a workaround. This is for a high school, so if things don't work it's not exactly the end of the world. Keep that in mind if using for a "real" production.
As Tech Support put it, "this is not a supported configuration". But it's worked for us!

  • Win 10 machine, running NDi Monitor AND the older NDi app.
  • iPad running one of the NDi HX apps.
  • TC-Mini on same wired network as the Win10 machine.
  • Win10 - NDi Monitor connects to iPad.
  • TC-Mini connects to the Win10 machine and the older NDi app.
  • Win10 - set older NDi app to only show the NDiMonitor window..

So iPad feed goes to Win10 machine, which then relays to the TC.
Audio configuration was bit tricky - a matter of trying A then B then C until we found the magic combination.
....and then writing it down. That piece of paper is around here somewhere........
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