Old Lightwave on Mac High Sierra


I have an old seat of LW 8.5 that I wanted to reinstall on my mac (2009 iMac), but I get the message:

You can’t open the application “Modeler” because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.

Do I have any options other than upgrading??




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Even LW9 was powerPC.
LW9.6 had a Universal Binary which worked on both PPC and Intel.

I think your only option without upgrading is an emulator, not sure if you can do this through parallels?
But then it’s where do you get a PPC version of OSX.

LW8 shouldn’t be very power hungry, may even be worth trying an old used mac mini.
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Thanks Mark,

I had hopped that I could install Rosetta from my original install CD but no luck. I may have a look at Parallels, thanks for the suggestion.



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Just did some googling, it may work in parallels, but you would need snow leopard server as a vm.
Rosetta is only supported up to snow leopard.
But if it's going to cost you down this route, there is no guarantee it will work.
I tried to install Lion within parallels years ago to run Shake (intel), all installed but it would just not run the app.

Also do you not have one of the old parallel type dongles.

People on the forum quite often sell old versions of LW.
Maybe put another thread out asking for any sales.

Also, not sure if your mac supports mohave, if so don't upgrade, as any versions of LW prior to 2018 will not show the interface properly.
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the info. I have the original install disc for my Mac and I’m sure I had LW 8 running on it when I brought it. I may just wait and see if Newtek have any promotions and upgrade. I only really want Modeller back up and running.




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It is a BIG leap from 8.5 to 2018 / 2019 though.
You will find it vastly different, although familiar.
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