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I just installed 3D Arsenal on my Mac Pro Intel 8-Way with 16GB ram. I went thru the tutorials. I opened Modeler and created a company logo by using Arial Black for a three line logo. After using line 2D to scale each of the three lines I cut the third line from it's layer and pasted it onto the first layer. I cut the second layer and pasted it to the first layer. Then I saved to a directory which I made called TGP that I'd placed inside the 3D Arsenal Master Content folder. I closed Modeler and opened LightWave 7.5. I typed "o" and set my Content Directory to the 3D Arsenal Master Content folder. I went to Earth Scenes and loaded the first one. Then I clicked on Content Mgr and exported the scene to my folder TGP. The scene went into a folder within TGP called scenes. Then I typed "o" and reset the contents directory to my TGP folder.
Next, I opened the scene I had just exported and it came up with the "Your logo here" loaded. With "objects" highlighted and "your logo here" selected I opened the object folder within my TGP folder and all the objects are grayed out.

This is actually the second day I've played with this and same thing happened yesterday.

I can't proceed until I resolve this problem.

I also wondered if I were to scan a customer's logo and saved it in Photoshop as an eps file, will it work as a logo in 3D Arsenal?
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