Objects flicker as they travel into infinity


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Can any one help me? This problem occurs when I move objects away form the camera. When they get a great distance form the camera the begin to apear to flicker. I have tried changing lighting an file formats but can't seem to get a handle on it. Any help would be apriciated.


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Sorry about the spelling. I wrote this quickly at work and didn't have time to check it before I sent it.


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your problem is a result of LW trying to render specular or bumps details that are smaller than a single pixel (hence the reason it does it as your object gets further from the camera)..

This will help>>> Apply a gradient alpha to the channels mentioned above and set it for distance from camera..
that way your spec or bump channel will fade as your object goes away from the camera...

Good luck..


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This might seem strange (but I've checked with a magnifing glass)
but when that happens I see the pixels just moving from 1 to the very next one next to it and back, so for a split second (1 or two frames in video) the object is larger than in the frames before and after.

What I do is to dissolve out the object if it is going off to infinity.
It seems to clear about 80% of that problem.

If it dosen't go off into infinity but just stays off in the distance then I play with the dissolve in the envelope depending on the distance from the camera, (dissolve more if farther and dissolve less if closing in)

Also ya might wanna try the LOD plugin to keep the poly count down as it moves from the camera.
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