Nvidia HW accelerated encode/decode


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NDI Screen Capture HX has provided a much more efficient method for sharing desktops. Is it possible to utilise HW acceleration for encoding and decoding within the SDK as well? If not are there plans to add this in?




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Hi, I can help with some of my observations:
First of all, to make NDI HX stream (That would use H264/HEVC instead of SpeedHQ) you need to use NDI Embedded SDK anyway. It allows you to get hands on the compressed data and therefore you can make the encoding and decoding as you wish and as you like.

Now, I personally doubt that HW acceleration will be available in standard SDK anytime soon. Why?
  • The easiest way for them to make it work on multiple platforms would be using fmpeg's libav libs. But then they could not distribute the lib as single statically compiled file. Furthermore, the relations with the open source community are not among the best 🙊
  • NDI Embedded API is a licensed product and the possibility to touch the compressed data is one of the main selling points. To be honest, making the implicit HW encoding/decoding work in standard NDI would make NDI Embedded superfluous for some applications.
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