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If you are using an NDI feed for your return video, and all four channels on a VS4000 are using the same source for returns, will there be one NDI signal going in to the TalkShow, or four? In other words, will it use the same bandwidth four times over for a single source?



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It depends on how NDI is configured.

If NDI is using unicast (default), then each time you use a signal it will use that amount of bandwidth again. All four inputs on the VS4000, will each use bandwidth for the connection.

If multicast is configured for NDI, then a connection will only use a single channel of bandwidth.


@Kanep - How do you change this? In the situation highlighted here - which one would be a smaller hit on bandwidth?



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Tread softly ... Multicast uses less bandwidth - potentially much less - but is not a panacea. Multicast requires careful management of devices and configuration, and particularly so on a larger, shared network. If all of your ducks aren't in a row, it can mimic a denial of service attack that will certainly make you persona non grata with your IT people.

Related options can be found in the Access Manager app in NDI Tools.
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