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I just got my system and I have a couple of questions...

Is there a way to nudge or move frame by frame, in the time line
with a keyboard command?

I am trying to sync up two video tracks taken at a live event.

Only one sound track came out and I am trying to match the lip sync.

Also how do I clear the cache In toaster edit ?
This is from the 3890 docs file:

As a popularly-requested item for ToasterEdit, we have added a hotkey to be able to ‘nudge’ clips forward or backward one frame at a time in Timeline view. This new hotkey is Alt + left or right arrow. You may also move the in and out points of clips by pressing “i + left or right arrow” for in points or “o + left or right arrow” for out points.

If you want to just move the time bar just use the right and left arrows without the ALT.

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how do I clear the cache In toaster edit?

The cache is dynamic, and should be deleted when you close your ToasterEdit project. There is no adverse effect, however, to using Windows Explorer, navigating to the place on your video drive where you cache files are stored, and manually deleting them.
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