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List of improvements


here the list of improvements to nuArchitect:

The place for the (many) libfiles is moved to a subfolder of the "site-packages" folder (so as python wants it).

improved UI
specialized controls for special tasks
own controls for
. show sketch
. messages
. titles
. size of dialog
. UV-Map handling
. Icon editing (PY)
. Image to PY-List
many requesters
drastically improved TGA creation-speed
possibility of crating other formats than TGA (needs installation of image manipulation libs)
. more details in the help for the scripts
using Tab in Tab UI
for script coders garbager-window(s) and some script generators
UV handling more structured
option to save the UV-settings per nuArchitect script added
improved path-handling
improved message handling
remembering of app-data
allow load and save of app-data

minor improvements

now possible to scale every 2nd stone

complete new script to create archway tunnels

arches now allow scaling of every 2nd stone
different settings for wall and crossing
new wall creation (no more full stones, only skin)
added option for small pedestals to every pole of the parapet
poleheight adjustable
improved handrail creation

option to create edged ceilings added
option to set the detail level added
option to set the roughness added
count of bows in x and y direction added

improved mortar creation

a new column-top type added (scaled)
a new column-bottom type added (scaled)
option to twist the column-body added
some improvements to the geometry itself

more realistic cracks
options for edges sharpness added
subdivide options added
roughness per axis added

keyhole separated
option to twist lattice-struts added
option to use planks to create the doorblade added
option to add struts added
option to create a simple peephole (and peephole door) added

option to subpatch posts and pales added
option to create posts and pales with adjustable edge-sharpness added

complete new way to create the geometry
new randomtype floor added

2nd type of bowls implemented
option to create a socket added
option to twist the column added
bowls can now be positioned in y direction
more detailed settings added
option for old bowltype to be twisted added
option to create uv for every bowl added

complete new way to create the geometry
option to use full framed arches insted of wire
option to use stoned arches insted of wire
interior of an arch and exterior of an arch can both be wall or flat
option to twist the rods of the lattice
option to create mounts
improved sketch drawing

option to set different archscales added
detail options added
roughness per axis options added
the lower wall (if one) height can be defined
offset option added

complete new way to generate the passes implemented
option to use different looks added
option to generate a pass-cutter only added
option to generate the pass-points only added
option for detail level and roughness added

option to use skin only added
option to create 6 different skin looks added

option to use different walltypes added
option to use different archtypes added
hinges from file added (hinges can have 3 parts now)
rivets can now be placed free
UI with more sketches

option to double the cross-section added

detail option added
roughness per axis added
complete new handling of the scalers
option to save the actual scalerdefinition to use it in the future

aging per axis added

option to create roof as full or skin
different wall types added
option for roughness per axis added
mortar dimensions can be set more flexible

improved cross-section for ropes
some formulas to create path added
option to create a spool added (wrapped rope/chain)

complete new way to calculate the catenary
two different ways to calculate the catenary
way 1 is using a parabola
way 2 is using a startpoint vector, an endpoint vector, a gravity vector and a gravity value

improved handling of points
detail option added
roughness per axis added

new way to create the main parts
more flexible sharpness of the main structures edges
roughness per axis added
plaque text separated to own tabs

new way to create stones
old way as option added
roughness per axis added

new way to create tubes
new walltype added
roughness per axis added
random of new walltype per axis added
UV-mapping of tubes now cylindrical

new way to create the tombstone
roughness per axis added

nuUV2TGA -> now named nuUV2Image
integrated in every script with an UV-Tab
also as stand alone script

dedicated roughness per axis for all parts
new walltypes added
positioning sketch added
new passtypes integrated
improved arch creation (and windows)

new roof type added
roughness per axis added

more pass types added
more pass variants added

now every window type has 4 variants
the frame now has sharp edges (even subpatched)
the sill has sharp edges too
the sill can now be switched off

is completely new coded
Controls can be placed per "drag & drop"
The buttons to manipulate the GUI are widely extended
nuSOFT controls (non standard controls) as in nuArchitect can be placed into the GUI
Some controls creating per default some code to make them run
Tab in Tab will work in a new way (this makes them unlimited in depth)
CTRL-C and CTRL-V can be used to copy and paste selected controls
many shortcuts implemented



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Cant wait Kanuso, looks like a great update. The help files seem good as well by the way.
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nuArchitect V2 Python bundle - installation


here the files you need to install the nuArchitect V2 Python bundle.
This bundle is donationware. If you find it useful, you should consider to donate a small "thank you" via PayPal to [email protected]

By using the scripts you accept that I'm not responsible to any damage that may result by using the scripts.

The files to build the 'nuSoft' Folder:
View attachment
View attachment
View attachment

The file with the working scripts in it:
View attachment

The file with the libraries in it:
View attachment

A script to aid you in Installation:
View attachment

A cfg file to implement a submenu in the LW Modeler (no must for this):
View attachment

A dummy library to let nuGUIDesign2 work (only used to avoid a python error):
View attachment

What to do with These files?
Here a description working on Windows (for other installations you can get ideas from here):
1) Download the zip files
2) Open
3) Copy the file from the file to where you want
4) Start the Modeler
5) Switch to the Utilities Menu
6) In the Category Python click Python
7) Navigate to where you put the file and open it
8) Here you see information about installing the bundle
9) With your OS navigate to the first folder that is listed in
10) Open the file
11) Copy the folder 'nuSoft' and all subfolders to this Location
12) Copy the file "" from the zip file "" to the first folder (directly in "site-packages")
13) With your OS navigate to the second folder that is listed in
14) Open the file
15) Copy the folder 'nuSoft' and all subfolders to this Location
16) Navigate the 3rd folder control to where you want the nuSoft-folder to be
17) With your OS navigate to the third folder that is listed in
18) Open the file
19) Copy the folder 'nuSoft' and all subfolders to this Location
20) Open the file
21) Copy the folder 'nuSoft' and all subfolders to this Location (if you are asked for Integration, answer YES)
22) Open the file
23) Copy the folder 'nuSoft' and all subfolders to this Location (if you are asked for Integration, answer YES)
24) Click the upper "Check" button, it should say OK
25) Click the middle "Check" button, it should say "Missing nuSoft.dat"
26) Click the lower "Check" button, it should say OK
27) Click "Create nuSoft.dat"
28) Close
29) Close the Modeler

If you want you can do
30) Copy the file "nuSoft.cfg" from the zip "" and use it as a config file to create a Modeler Menu Branch (read LW instructions for how this can be done)

Now open the Modeler again and have fun

Known issue:
If you main Monitor is configured to a Resolution lower than 1960 by 1080, the working scripts are opened partially outside of the view and
nuGUIDesign2 isnt fully usable.

I hope this Installation hints lead you to success. You will find additional Information in the posted some Posts before this one.

At the Moment there is an empty "examples.html". This will coming soon if it is realy needed (many Images).

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Hi Stardust,

no, the scripts do not run with versions before LW 2018. All scripts are tagged with
__lwver__ = "2018"
You can try to change the tag on every script. some scripts may run with a tag for LW 2015. You can try this, if you want, but without changes the scripts will not work with Versions before LW 2018.



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@ Stardust

You can use the initial Python version of nuArchitect. This version is found ato the start of this thread. The initial version is tagged with
__lwver__ = "11"
This make it usable with LW 2015.

I have not tried to tag the new version with
__lwver__ = "11"
There is a chance, that the scripts are working if you change the tags (at last some of them)
The tags that needs to be changed are at the start of any ".py" file in the folder nuSoft located in the location of the "pris" folder.



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@ Kanuso

Thnx, for the heads up, I'll give it a try when I have a clear head... I'll let you know

PS: Have a Great Weekend!


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I found the time to look closer into the scripts.

The path to the libraries (in 2018 site-packages) isn't present. It is somewhere in .../support/python/lib
I've copied the lib into this folder and this worked for the path-issue, but there are some parts which aren't bugfixed in 2015, so there is no chance to quickly bring it to work.

If there ist interest in running the scripts in pre 2018 versions, than I will look deeper and try to bring it in frame for 2015.
If I will find time to work on this, I will bring it in shape for 2015.

The next version (is under construction) will not work with pre 2018
Maybe I will stop the work on the next version until Python 3 is integrated (all must be rewritten in Python 3).

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@ Stardust

Sorry for this, but...
If you want to use nuArchitect in Python, you should try out the Version just before the actual one (posted at the beginning of this thread.
Even this version has a lot of enhancements to the LScript-Version

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