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On to my next phase of my project.

Can someone verify that the dedicated hotkeys for the VT5 switcher work. I'm trying to use an XKeys controller and sending LWindows + App + F1 which should select input 1 on the switcher is instead popping up the windows help panel. I can't get any dedicated command that includes the Left Windows Key to work either directly from a keyboard or sending the key string via the XKeys

I verified that my Left Windows Key is functioning normally.


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Yeah, I ran into that same problem a while back.

I think what I did was just map my xkeys to the keyboard F1 key to select Input 1. Then I hit the Enter key (or was it spacebar?) to switch to that input. What I found out was that it is never a good idea to just hard switch to an input, you always want to first select it on your preview, then switch to it. Sometimes if you just hard switch to that input, there is a delay and the video will turn black or jump.

My xkeys layout was pretty crazy, but it worked great. Much better than the RS8.


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I played with it some more and now for some reason commands that use the Left Windows key work unless they also use a function key. Weird I'm just going to make my own hotkey file that avoids the stuff that doesn't work.


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jeff, i've gone into the configuration file and changed many of the keyboard commands to be more friendly to the xkeys devices. i can't remember the filename without my notes, but i also found some typos and a duplication of shortcuts that needed corrected. still, the xkeys box and the keyboard macros save my butt constantly. the lastest addition presets DDR2 into preview, starts it and takes it to air. this allows a hot button to simply fire a commercial.


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Yeah, I found the same typos. Looks like some functionality was changed or removed in VT5 but the scripts weren't updated to match. I'm going to have a talk with NewTekies at NAB to plead my case for a little development in the scripting area of the VT.
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