nominal distance on spherical lights


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Hey folks. Anyone know this?

For spherical lights using inverse square falloff, is the nominal distance measured from

a) the pivot point
b) the surface of the sphere
c) 42




Valiant NewTeKnight
Looks to me like the pivot, but could be wrong.

(If it isn't, it should be the edge of the sphere in reality)


Fȯrum Mole
Surface of the sphere. Though the bigger the sphere, the more dispersion you will have, i think. Cause if it was pivot based the last image would be black, but you can see that it's darker than the first.
Some other experiments i did, shown the sphere's light penetrating the room's walls, but without having enough size. (1.9m sphere in a 2m room). Strange =\
Renders with Full Precision Gamma 2.2 (for a bit more of "light" :D)


(And again another edit)

So i used Linear Range in the last image (cause it goes black when the range isn't enough, so, it's easier to study), but here are the same settings in Inverse Distance Square. I really don't know what to think with these... :D

But to sum it up in a simple way... It's 42.
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