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I am attempting to test compile of nodedisp.c included with SDK and
I get it compile with include the 4 c files in source directory and setting up a
project - but when I load it in layout, I get the following message.

"Plugins were not found or could not be added."

The plugin is not included in the lwsdk solution file.

Please note the following:

1. My dongle is currently in process of being exchange for USB
2. A previous plugin ( C++ test ) work fine ( but was compile with LW8 sdk )

I am also curious if anything is specially about Lightwave 64 bit plugins - besides being 64 bit.


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I figured out how to get it work in Lightwave - it was the def file.

But now I am trying to figured out how to get plugin in node editor.

I figured out what it was - its actually not a node, but plugin that allows nodes to be used as displacements - it appear on displacement list.

What was looking for was actual 3d texture node sample.
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