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I was wondering if there is, or if it would be possible to create, a node that samples the density of the surrounding geometry. Basically, I would want to be able to set a radius, and the node would could the number of vertices within that radius and output that. Preferably as two seperate outputs, one for "above" the currect point (determined by the surface normal) and one for "below." Having settings for only counting points on the same mesh continuity and/or layer would increase The Awesomeness Factor further.

Is there such a thing, or something similar? That'd be awesome.

Isn't there, but you feel that you're able to create it? That'd be even more awesome. If this is the case, please PM me or post here or something.

Also, while I'm at it... Is there a plugin that creates a weight map based on the curvature? Sort of like Denis Pontonnier's Curvature node, but bakes it into a wmap?


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If you are looking to create vmaps nodally, an alternative to Truearts VMapProcessor is Dponts Node Texture editor (Node Editor inside texture layer) together with native Texture Point Map function. It works for all but UVs (and custom vmaps).

For the point counting I think you would need to write your own node(s). I've seen none that does that (doesn't mean it doesn't exist), but it's not possible without custom nodes.
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