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Ok you Node Guru's out there. I got something for you!

I want to bend a plane around a null based on it's distance to the null. So the closer the null gets to the plane, the more it curls around it.

Figure that one out!

I spent most of my evening trying to. I started trying ripple but I couldn't tell Layout I only wanted 1 wave. I tried gradients, but no matter what I did, the plane would just move 1m per 100% of the alpha channel.

So tired, going to bed and hoping Santa Node will have left me a forum present in the morning.


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Use a weight map (or a morph map)& a gradient instead.
Make the weight map a radial gradient & animate the control gradient.
I think it can work but I cannot try it right now because of thunder & lightning (the way you love me it's frightning. I better knock....on wood:) )
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Ahh, see, different strokes...
made me think ... 'god.d.a.m.n. it's so exciting, it hits you, like a hammer, god.d.a.m.n." ..followed by uber-cool guitar solo


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now that the storms have passed, does that suggestion help at all?
If you're trying to actually wrap a flat plane around something, it might have to involve bones or more than one object.
Or possiply even cloth effects.
what I want is to create something like a bullet hole where all I have to do is place a null near the surface and it will deform the surface. So all I need is 1 ripple. And the size of the hole is to be based by the distance of the null from the surface. I can then create a surface node that can color the object.


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An aplha map in the form of a circle would probably be easier.
Parent it to a null & size the null for the deformation.
Look at the scene(if you dl'd the content) where the bug is under the rug.
I think I got it. I am going to do some tests. And I used something different then explained above.

I don't think I can have multiple holes, but it is a start.

Edit: make that I can! HA!


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MiniFireDragon said:
Which scene is that?
It's called bug_in_rug in the displacement folder.
If you're using nodes, just copy your displacement nodes & paste em into the texture node editor.
you'll have to tweek a little, but the sizes & placement will match.
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