no visible fonts in ChronoSculpt


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I just purchased and installed ChronoSculpt 1.0.1 64bit and opened it up, applied the license key. The program appears to work except there are no visible fonts (just blank boxes that I can click and pop up windows but no text is visible).

I'm running windows 10 on 3970X CPU with 16GB Ram, Radeon R9 200 on a 4K monitor ( a relatively high end machine).

I'm assuming this is a font scaling issue (due to 4K resizing perhaps?)... I just don't know what to do to fix it.
I tried changing windows 10 font scaling back to 100% and changing resolution to 1920-1080 and still didn't fix it.
perhaps there is a missing font file on my computer? it is a new computer and may not have some of the common fonts that the developers may have on their machine???

Any ideas?

To test it, I installed it on my MacBook Pro and it apparently works on there just fine (with Retina display).

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screen shot to demo what I mean.
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