No signal via supplied cable yc or c on input


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VT5 with Pro Card no SX-84, only supplied cable. I have tested all cables with output to working monitor and signal is fine. Everythng seems to work with the system just no input via c or yc from supplice cable. I get input from firewire. I have had this problem since upgrading from my VT4 many years back, I was mainly doing digital work via the firewire and never investigated the analog input issue. My original system was a dual core dual processor Opteron on Tyan MB. I have reciently upgraded MB to Asus P5E3 WS PRO and everything works exactly as with the older system. I have reciently sent my board and cables back to Newtek and when I received the replacement my system was worse than when I started. I would have rather not had the analog input and still had output. I just received the card from my second attempt and it was a new card or newer version. After dealing with re-registering my system I started the fun of testing functionality. I am back to where I started everything works except for input from the standard cable c or yc. Has anyone experienced this and what is the solution because changing systems, replacing boards, changing video cards, nothing seems to be a solution for this issue.

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