No Audio on VT5

Can anybody give me some advice on how to troubleshoot an issue I'm having with the audio for VT5. I'm loading audio clips into my project and the levels are showing, but I hear nothing. I just upgraded my system so that it's compatible with Window 7. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!:stumped:


Do you have an SX breakout box in your system or just the VT5 card? How are your speakers hooked up? Have you checked your cables to your speakers?

I have an SX-84 BOB in my VT5. Four computer cables from the VT5 card are connected to the SX-84. Two RCA connectors on the SX-84's "Audio Out" section feed my speakers. If you don't have a breakout box, the audio to your speakers or output device is fed from the 1/8" stereo mini jack plug ("out") on the VT5 card. Like you, I upgraded my system to Windows 7 and VT5 runs quite well.
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