Newtek UDH PTZ camera image settings


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Hi expert,
we try to fine-tune our new 4K Newtek UHD PTZ cam. We set the image size to 4K 29.9FPS with the hardware rotative switch in the back (position 2). But when we open the feed in the Newtek NDI Studio Monitor, only one camera indicate in the title bar the correct resolution (2160 29.9). The 3 others cameras indicate HD res. So we return on all cameras and check if we miss the correct position of the switch and reselect the position 2, then all the cam indicates 2160 on studio monitor. A couple of days after, the same problem return! It is normal? On the webpage of the camera , we can't see the native resolution selected.

In the same idea, if we use an XBox joystick to play with ZoomIn-Out in the NDI sutio, the zoom are not smooth. The image still each 1-2 sec, but in the TC Mini zoom in are ok. Monitor can display correct 4k image?

Any suggestion?
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