Newtek This Guy Worked on Houdini SDK C++ Python etc


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Maybe he could bring some native fluid dynamics to LW or expand on motion graphics features and toolsets ?

A brief skill set overview:

Houdini SDK
Softimage / ICE
Arnold (as a user and shader writer)
Mental Ray (as a user and shader writer)
Color Theory
Shading Theory and Shader Writing
C++ development for Linux/Windows
Maya SDK
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He is a Lightwaver .... Newtek please get in touch with him :i_agree:

GC: You work a lot with LightWave, but you also seem to master other major 3D applications. Why do you use LightWave?

AA: I do have some experience with Maya and messiah:Studio. But Lightwave is what I use the most. I have done character rigging with expressions and MEL in Maya. I must say that I love the flexibility it offers. messiah:Studio is a package that I intend to use for my personal character animation projects, but I have yet to really explore it. I am slowly venturing into character animation, and so far have gotten some very decent results. At this stage I spend most of my time thinking about different approaches and doing theoretical stuff to come up with my own style of rigging and animation.

Why do I use Lightwave? I find its modeling tools incredibly powerful and very friendly to use. The renderer is really excellent as well and it lets me transform my ideas in to rendered images very easily. I love the amount of control it gives me in the entire modeling/texturing/rendering process. And I am emotionally attached to the application as well 🙂 I have followed up on Lightwave from the days it was known as VideoScape 3D (about 12..may be 13 years ago). I was 13 or 14 years old at the time and was fascinated by the possibilities it presented. I guess you could say that I grew up with Lightwave. Even though I didn’t get to use it until 1996, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming about it.


Not to rain on your parade guys, but that interview was from way back in 2003 (i.e. 15 years ago) and if you look at his web site and his LinkedIn page there is not a single mention of, or links to, anything to do with Lightwave. Seems like he's moved on.
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