NewTek support confused about 3D Arsenal?

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Please correct me if I'm wrong about this but as I remember:

the ToasterDudes sold two versions of 3D Arsenal, the first came with LW version 8.5 and a content disc with the 3D arsenal config files, objects, images, scenes etc. The second version contained only the content disc with the 3D arsenal config files, object,s images, scenes etc. The reasoning was if you already owned any version of LW you dont need disc one just the content disc. i bought the content only, it came with a serial number! I called Newtek today armed with this information and was told:

"This is a Content ONLY disc. There is no serial number and it can not be registered."

I wasn't trying to register it in the first place, I just want to get pass the serial number required portion of the installation process, when I put the disc in my computer a serial number is requested. So i guess my real question is where the hell is Don Ballance?, support was so much better without him being con-joined with Newtek. I will try this again tomorrow, just checking here in the meantime to see if anyone can shed any light on this problem.
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I don't understand your problem. The serial number for the content is different then a LW serial number. If you have a serial number that contains a bunch of lowercase letters that is the number you will need to unlock the content install.
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