NewTek Specialist Available in So. Cal or anywhere with Internet


NewTek Specialist
VT, TriCaster, and Speed Edit specialist available in So. California, or thru Remote Desktop

If you would like training, system integration, troubleshooting or any other support for NewTek products, I would be happy to talk to you.

I have been a specialist in NewTek products for about 15 years now. Including working for NewTek, Play, their dealers, and end users. I have been a Hollywood editor for the past 4 years.

Possibly open to full time employment, as well.


Adam 310-779-6230


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hey Adam, I was just playing around with remote desktop with my vt5. I noticed on the remote computer, I could not see a picture on the desktop video monitors. is this normal? I'm trying to switch cameras from a laptop which is connected to a private network which is conncted to the vt5 in another room down stairs. everything works great except no video monitors!
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