For TriCaster 100,TriCaster Studio, TriCaster Broadcast, VT 4 and 5

Problem Description
This document covers using newtekrtme to prodcuce a report allowing you to check for some VT card errors or problems.

Specific Symptoms
It may be necessary to run this command if:

you believe you are having problems with the VT Card
you believe you may be having problems with the Daughter Card
you want to see if the faceplate is being detected on a TriCaster

Clear Diagnostic Test Steps
From Windows (shut down vt for vt 4 and 5) go to start, run, type in CMD for command.
When the command window comes up type in newtekrtme and press enter. this will run a diagnostic that will show you if the VT daughter card is being detected (and faceplate for TriCasters).
If the diagnostic runs and you get a long string of k's at the end that keeps repeating over and over let customer service know immediately.
To tell if the VT daughter card is being detected look about half way down the read out and look for the line that says Analogue Daughter on or No Analogue daughter detected. if it says no analogue daughter detected that means the VT card or daughter card is not being seen by the computer. Make sure that the power cable is plugged in to the daughter card and run newtektrme again.
To tell if the faceplate is being seen you will look in the same line for the letters SX6 or SX3 (depending on the model you have). if you see either one then the faceplate is being seen. If you do not see either one then the face plate is not being seen.
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