NewTek NDIHX PTZ2 Camera Factory Reset


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We have just purchased a Newtek TriCaster HD Mini with two Newtek TriCaster NDIHX PTZ2 cameras back in February. Everything was working fine with the exception of the cameras not connecting with the same IP address everytime we boot up. Sometimes we have to restart the cameras/Tricaster 4-6 times before we can see the cameras as a source. I was told we needed to set them to use static IP addresses to fix this problem. So, we purchased a third camera and installed it, then set out to set the static IP's. Once we did so through the admin log in interface, the cameras showed up as an optional source but no image. Then after restarting them and the TriCaster they haven't come back as a source. Is there a way to reset the cameras back to factory default without going through the admin/admin interface? I know on the PTZ1 camera remote you can use a #*4 sequence to accomplish this, but on the PTZ2 the remote control buttons are different and there isn't a # button or * button to use. Please advise.
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