NewTek NDI Scan Converter update


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This is a heads up about some impending NDI Tools news that will make a number of people happy.

  • NewTek NDI Tools Portable - this version of NDI Tools runs from a thumb drive. The portable Scan Converter implementation is actually considerably less intrusive than iVGA was, which should be welcome news to those who have IT people looking over their shoulders.

    NewTek NDI Tools Portable.png

  • NewTek NDI Scan Converter for OSX will not be as feature laden as the Windows version, but does improve on iVGA for OSX in a number of ways, not least that it supports audio.

(Before anyone asks, I don't know just when these will be available for download, as they need to get past QA and then requires updates to the website, which in tun involves Marketing ... and anyone who wants to ask a favor of Marketing a day before everyone heads out to NAB is just plain foolhardy. ;))
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