Newtek NDI PTZ1 - Control HDMI Video Output?


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Hi All,

I was looking at the Newtek NDI PTZ camera. I think it could be a great option for a booth camera.

Would it be possible to route an NDI video source from the Tricaster to the either of the physical outputs on the camera? It would be great to use this as a kind of all-in-one with feeding program return to the booth.
I figured as much, but I thought it was worth an ask. It would be a very useful feature for a booth camera.
Birddog is reading an update to their devices that will allow decoding ndi and output over HDMI/sdi. You would need to put the ptz1 on their own Ethernet but both are POe capable.
An NDI video source from the TriCaster could be received by a low-cost Windows laptop or desktop system running the NDI Studio Monitor application from the free NewTek NDI Tools pack.
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