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We have an NC2 unit and I am looking to create a Dashboard interface to remotely manipulate the Color Controls on each of the 8 outputs on the unit via TCP commands.

A lot of the documentation for integration and automation of Newtek products suggest to create macros and reference the macro commands in order to find the arguments needed to send the different API commands, but the NC2 unit has no such macro interface.

I was hoping to see a reference sheet with all of the available commands for the unit, but I have been unable to find any such thing online or in the SDK.

Any input is appreciated!


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There are not any API commands to adjust color aspects of sources on Connect. There are commands to allow you to trigger recording and change source options.

Here is a list of commands for the NC1, the NC2 should respond to the same commands. If you need more assistance getting NewTek Professional Services can help.


  • Control NC1 IO from macro system.pdf
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