NewTek LiveSet Generator for Aura now available for download

Paul Lara

It's ALL about the light
NewTek is gaining ground in live virtual sets, and now you can, too, with the release of NewTek LiveSet™ Generator for Aura™. This free plug-in gives you powerful brushes to use in any Aura-compatible paint and animation system. Quickly size, rotate and warp the live video input of choice, and place it in your virtual set. Once saved, you now assign a switcher input to that space and take advantage of real-time reflections, shadows, scaling and even side-by-side sources for remote interviews.

These LiveSets are used as switcher effects with TriCaster STUDIO™ and VT[5]™.

Access to this Aura plug-in is through your personal NewTek registration page.

If you have questions, tips or wish to share your sets with the NewTek community, join us in the LiveSet discussion forum.
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