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Could you fix the search links which come in from search engines/the addresses within the new forums? some sort of redirect or just make it like the old one ?

Example :

Search result link from bing/google etc, points to the original forum address:

the info is still there but it now appears as this with the forum update, so you cant see it anymore:

https:// (I had to put a space after https:// so it would display as a link, paste to see it in a new window)

This is a problem as it breaks all links to the excellent posts that now act as a repository of experience from the years past, mostly from Lightwaver's long gone.

I am not sure why such a change was necessary; trying to kill off the legacy knowledge in the forums as well as the product itself?

Anyway, some sort of solution would be great.

I also noticed that the "find posts from" option, when clicking on a users name is also gone. That just stripped away the ability to quickly find a significant amount of information from known knowledgeable users. Try it with "erikals" above as a test case, compare to the old forums ability.

thanks for reading, hopefully someone will address these issues.
sometimes Front page does this, it hangs...

good news, using AdBlock Plus, i was able to block this stuff by going to Advanced and pasting the lines... >

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