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I think I have double elements there..slowing it down..will check tomorrow.
Im in bed now ...and Mr night is visiting and are closing my eyes and takes my hand to the land of dreams.
I like the dark theme except that the color of the scrolling bar is practically the same color as the background so its hard to see (on Win7 64bit).
Is it possible to post Quicktime movies (mov files with h264 codec)? And if so, how big can they be?
I'd love to post some making of.

Is there any chance that obsolete link formats could be redirected? If you search out things like Mr Rid's you just get an error without editing the link. Even on the Lightwave promo page the link to the forum Tips and Tricks section is broken. Or is this just user error from someone who can't internet.
It is not too difficult to manually locate an old topic (eventually, Google and other search engines will re-index this site).

Supposing that someone was looking for this on the old forums:

...the new topic is now located at:

...and more simply, with the topic number, it can be located here:

For NewTek to easily sort this out on their side, it would take a PHP developer only 10 minutes to set up a listener at "/showthread.php/" to grab the numeric forum topic token from the requesting URL and redirect to the new system.
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Is it possible to post Quicktime movies (mov files with h264 codec)? And if so, how big can they be?
I'd love to post some making of.

I don´t think that is something that is advisable.
First it would take up too much space on their forum platform storage.
Seconly you would still need a secondary opening of the browser or player since it will not play directly in the post.

I think I have posted such files before with some 2mb in limit or so, can´t recall..maybe changed or so.

Anyway, just upload to a youtube channel and make it unlisted and post, so no one can find it in the youtube search ..only those with the links can get it.
or Vimeo, or other file sharing services.

Vimeo is generally keeping the quality better than youtube I think, but it limited in how much you can upload within a week or so, but if it´s not that huge in file size, that may be the way to go, Vimeo now plays well directly embedded in these forums, as well as youtube..vimeo didn´t work in the old forum.

to get the vid link, ether click on that arrow icon for sharing and copy that link that comes up, or if you are playing the vid correctly in one browser window, just copy the web adress then paste this in to the enter media url which comes up when you click on this forums media icon.
Another good thing compared to the old forum, we can now add more than just one video per post.

Is it possible to post Quicktime movies (mov files with h264 codec)? And if so, how big can they be?
I'd love to post some making of.


And I think it is more likely that someone will not bother to watch your vids if they are posted as attached movs rather than embedded vids you can directly just hit play and get an idea of what you are showing, then downloading with some download helper if needed.
Hey @SBowie

Can you help with the new forum setup? On the main LW Community page I have the default filter set to Last Message Descending - which i assume should show the posts and threads like it used to - with most recent at the top? For some reason I get posts that are bolded and bubble to the top and then I look at them and they are from like April 2020 almost a year old, where other more recent posts I know of aren't listed on the first page. Am I confused about the UI of this (btw I love it and am glad it is mobile friendly) or is there something amiss?
Here's what i see: Seems out of order to me...


how 2 report user ?
how 2 report user ?
Man, good question - I wish I had time to chase this down. I can tell you I'm getting moderation reports, but my own UI (doubtless for logical reasons) doesn't show a report button or option that I can see). I'm sorry I'm really swamped these days, can anyone quickly supply an answer? (Like I said, I'm getting reports, so clearly someone knows the trick!)
how 2 report user ?
I would you want to report this guy? :oops:
Turns out my own profile settings were jacked up (blush). My report link now shows below posts, as it should. (Doh!)
Not loving the new color scheme. I checked my profile, and I have the choice of "Default" and "Shades of Grey". Not much of a difference between threads with new content and threads I've already seen. I'd LOVE to get the old, classic, legacy color scheme back, but I've also learned to like broccoli, so . . .

2nd, the scroll bar on the right doesn't fit on my screen. I can grab it with the mouse and scroll up and down, but it's "odd" to have the mouse working offscreen.

FWIW, I'm using a Dell laptop at work, with WIn10 Enterprise.

3rd, the arrows to jump to the top or the bottom of a page don't show unless I scroll manually, or tap one of the UP/DOWN arrow keys.

Consider these nits picked.
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