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'the write stuff'
Dear forum members - you may have noticed some quirky forum behavior in the last few days. I'm happy to announce that this is largely due to work preceding a switch from our long-serving but rather 'long in the tooth' forum software to a new product.

The actual changeover is scheduled for this evening, beginning around 8:00 PM, CST. The process is rather involved, requiring backups and DNS changes (which can take some to fully propagate), so it would probably be best to expect the forums to be down for much of the overnight period. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but hope you will be pleased with the end results.

Once the swap-over has taken place, please to let us know about any oddities you encounter, so these can be addressed progressively.

Once more, thanks for you patience, and your patronage!


'the write stuff'
ATTENTION: IT informs me they will be taking the forums down at noon today (CST), and that they may be down as long as 8 hours. As usual, apologies for the disruption (if at first you don't succeed ...)


Look at this! Looking fresh ;) @SBowie what do I win for all of these?
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I have those in blender artists forum as well.

To me it´s of no really good use for the regular forum browse, when I mostly only want alerts about private mails or other important things, the trophy awards could be fun, but could be stuffed in to another icon for awards or something, that really doesn´t need immediate attention...but when you feel depressed or low in mood you can check that as well :)


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Hi SBowie, any reason for the change to XenForo? The current versions of VBulletin are quite good so I was just wondering.
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