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NewTek Moderation
The NewTek Discussion Forums are a private venue provided as a service to NewTek customers at NewTek's discretion. As such, the NewTek Discussion Forums are not a free speech zone, they are for professional and civil discourse regarding NewTek products by NewTek users.

The following items are not considered professional or civil discourse allowed on these forums:
  • Off-topic and controversial subjects such as Religion and Politics
  • Comments of an "off color" nature inappropriate for viewing by minors
  • Non-constructive criticism of a malicious nature
  • Personal attacks against NewTek customers or employees and their family members
  • Promotional messages and material for competing products
Those who are unable to keep their posts on topic, unable to maintain responsible civil conversation with others or who have no purpose on the NewTek forums other than to promote competing products will have their accounts removed.

Moderation decisions are not subject to public discussion. If you have comments, send an email or private message to the moderators.
Not open for further replies.
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