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NewTek Moderation
These forums are privately owned and operated as a service to NewTek customers at NewTek's discretion. As such, they exist primarily to facilitate professional and civil discourse regarding the use of NewTek products by those who own them. Forum membership and privileges are by invitation, and require continuing adherence to this forum policy (which may be updated from time to time). Otherwise your membership and its privileges may be revoked at the discretion of moderators.

New Accounts
Please note that account activation is not instant. The forum sends you a verification email that requires a reply when you create your account. (If this email doesn't arrive in a short time, check your spam folder.) Because new memberships are manually validated, a one-time delay (from a few minutes to several hours) may pass before you have full forum privileges. We're sorry for this one-time nuisance, but this is the best way we’ve found to defeat forum spam. (If your account has not been activated within one day, use the Contact link at the bottom of the forum to ask for help.)

Personal Data and Durability
The Forum Owner will not be held responsible for the content of any message. All messages express the views of their author(s). Posting in a public forum is comparable to writing a letter to the editor to be published in a newspaper. The words you publish in the forums become part of public conversations and cannot realistically be successfully expunged later, so please think before you post. While personal data held for lawful purposes by the Forum Owner (such as data needed to manage your account and its security) may be deleted or anonymized at times as required, when you deliberately publish information, data and remarks (including personal data) publicly in the forums your action should be considered permanent. Such information or data may be freely quoted or referred to by other Forum members or others who are able to access the information or data you deliberately make public by posting it.

To this end, please be aware that that by submitting information, comments, or data for posting to a thread (whether personal data or not) you are of your own free will manifestly making said information and data public for purposes including but not limited to free expression, journalistic, artistic and public interest, and thus it becomes exempt from regional, national or international privacy regulations or regulatory constraints with similar intent that might otherwise apply.

The Forum Owner retains all rights to remove, edit, move or close any thread or post for any reason. (Requests to modify or delete other data, including data not protected under relevant regulations may be considered by the Forum Owner or its representatives in exceptional circumstances.)

The accounts of those who cannot keep their posts on topic, are unable to maintain responsible civil conversation with others, or who are using the forums to promote competing products will be removed. Moderation decisions are not subject to public discussion. If you have comments, send an email or private message to the moderators.

Off Topic and Controversial Posts
The following are not considered professional or civil discourse and thus are not allowed:

  • Off-topic and controversial subjects such as Religion and Politics
  • Comments, language, or crude expressions of an "off color" nature inappropriate for viewing by minors
  • Non-constructive criticism or remarks of a malicious nature
  • Personal attacks against individuals, whether the target is another member, NewTek employee, a public figure, or a complete unknown.
  • Promotional messages and material for competing products
Third Party Topics
As a courtesy we allow third party vendors with NewTek-related training and other products to post announcements in the appropriate third party or community forum sections for the related NewTek product. If you have any problematical issues as a consumer or would-be consumer of those third party products, follow up directly with the vendor on their support venue or by private channels. Other forum users should treat third party announcement posts placed in the proper sections as respected guests here.

Special addendum for General Discussion section

Please leave the General Discussion area for conversations that are not product-specific for either NewTek or third party products. If you have a question on how to use a specific NewTek product, for example TriCaster or LightWave, please use the appropriate forums for asking such questions. We've provided those areas to make it easier to get and find answers to product-specific questions.
  • LightWave: General Support
  • TriCaster: General Support
  • 3Play: General Support
For discussion of third party products specifically as related to their use with the host NewTek product, please use the appropriate third party area:
  • LightWave - Third Party
  • TriCaster Third Party
  • 3Play Third Party
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