NEWTEK: Could you please get the author of LWCad to write a manual?


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Or at least better tutorials? Many of use LOVE that you tossed this great bone, but there is no real manual for it at all.

There are only 2 fast tutorial gifs, and both are missing vital steps in their descriptions.

I emailed the author, and he offfered some explanation of his tutorials, however he is too busy working on his new version to work on a manual for 1.5.

Surely, you must be his #1 customer now, and as such, a proper manual of some sort is the least he can create for your customers, for what you guys must have paid him for the licenses.

A PDF, webpage, or even raw text would be fine, as long as the tools are all explained, and the interface options for the tools.


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I have to agree; a proper manual, instead of a couple of tuts, would be awesome. LWCAD is a superb piece of software, and I am VERY grateful to NT for the chance to have it. But it would be a lot easier (and therefore more productive for me) if I had a proper manual of some sort, explaining things in more detail.


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LW_jackn said:
No good deed goes unpunished eh Newtek?


This has nothing to do with NT at all.. it's the plugin author, and in this case, NT is the customer, and we the clients.

NT paid good money to supply us with a nifty new tool, but the documentation is lacking, and the author is too busy on his new version to work on proper documentation.

Here's the email response I got from him, when I asked if better documentation was forthcoming:

"Those two brief tutorials was made just for showing some LWCAD features.
My old LWCAD users didn't need tutorials.

Now since NT offers my plugins for masses, everything changes.
LWCAD 2 will have much better manual and tutorials also for beginers.
But now I am too bussy with programming on version 2, I have too much
deadlines for other tasks."

He gave me some clarification of tasks I asked about,
and closed with, "It is really hard to explain it by words, if you don't get it. It needs fulltime video not just stripped gifs.

If LWCAD is worthless for you now, you can wait until version 2, which will
come with more detailed information.
I am sorry I cannot help you more now.

Best Regards,
Viktor Velicko


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I agree.
There was really no need for this kind of comment:
No good deed goes unpunished eh Newtek?

It's simply the case that there is no manual and one is needed, BADLY.
Trying to make it sound like people aren't gratefull isn't even what the point is.
Of course we are all VERY happy about getting this awesome plugin, especially
for FREE!, but without some sort of actual manual, it's basically unusable.

Sure, you COULD sit there for days experimenting around and probably get
some sort of results that "look" like what he has made, but the simple fact
is that that's all you'll be doing, is experimenting and may not even be using
the tools properly or for that matter maybe he's using tools that are or aren't
from within his own toolsets.

I spent well over 4 hours just trying to make (follow) that one hallway
tutorial and eventually realized I was wasting my time and needed
to move on to more important things.
Yes, I had no problems creating the Arc's and other things, but the rest of
the actual modeling of that hallway from that tutorial, I wasn't able to finish.

He tells you to Clone something, but watching the GIF makes it look like
he's using some sort of special tool that I could never find, as I see a little
blue line with numbers showing and changing as he makes clones "perfectly"
spaced from each other and you see this by these numbers there in Blue.

Anyway, I agree, toss us a least a little tidbit of a tutorial or manual
that fills in the gaps that are left out in those GIFs.
And like was just suggested, that maybe someone who
already has used this killer plugin, can toss us something to work from? :)



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I think the documentation is well enough

as-is actually.

Took me just a run through of their website and I am already as addicted to LWCAD as I am FPrime.


Thanks NewTek


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Well, that was good for you.

Then, if you have it already wired, you mean you can't help out here
and post up some steps or a little walk through to help the rest of us,
or are you just here to brag about how awesome you are and how whimpy
the rest of the planet is because we all are too stupid to figure it out?

Usually when these types of subjects get brought up, they're legit and
when someone "does" figure the thing out, it's proper of them to jump in
and help the rest out with some steps that they found that worked out
for them, not to just say how easy it was for you, implying the info
that was provided was plenty and if the rest of us don't get it,
then we just shouldn't even be using it or something?

Thanx for that awesome bit of information
P.S. And FPrime doesn't take any knowlege to figure out either.
You open it up and it runs.



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mdunakin said:
Well, that was good for you.

BITE me!

I was making a point that sometimes you have to DO A LITTLE WORK to figure someting out! Don't sit around waiting on somebody to make it a little easier for you! I agree with the post that basically said you're looking a gift horse in the mouth for complaining in the FIRST PLACE!

If you read my post in context (if you're having difficulty with that, look it up!) I wasn't saying I figure FPRime out! I was saying I liked it!

Geez, some people never get enough!

Steve Reeves

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Well I think we can turn this into a win win if somebody is willing. If there is someone out there with LWCAD experience then why don't they produce 2 or 3 pages of docs (says he who hasn't even installed it yet!) and make it donation-ware via paypal. Making docs isn't a five minute job and so I think the author would be justified in asking for donations.

There appears to be a lot of people who would appreciate it and maybe make a donation of a few <insert appropraite unit of currency> to the author. Lightwave people are all cool people after all.

Win-win :thumbsup:

Just a thought.



cc3d said:
BITE me!

I was making a point that sometimes you have to DO A LITTLE WORK to figure someting out! Don't sit around waiting on somebody to make it a little easier for you! I agree with the post that basically said you're looking a gift horse in the mouth for complaining in the FIRST PLACE!

If you read my post in context (if you're having difficulty with that, look it up!) I wasn't saying I figure FPRime out! I was saying I liked it!

Geez, some people never get enough!

I guess your OK with the lightwave manual too. Seems like newtek nor lightwave can do any wrong in your eyes.

I personally like to read the manual of every program before I start using it. Maybe you have time to sit around pushing buttons that you don't know what they do, but I would rather have a manual.
so please,


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I'd be happy with an activation number....I've been trying since it became available in the US, even been on the phone with Newtek, and still no activation number.

(and yes, I am eligible,.... yes, I used the right activation code, I have only used 1 email address for all thing lightwave, and its the same one since LW5.5, .....yes I turned off spam filters, ..... yes, I went through the internet and accessed my email directly from there so as to avoid my computer's decision making all together, and a few other things as well).



Please do not convert this on a contest about whom had the biggest handler! :)

I think those not happy with the manual, can post CONCISE questions about what they do not understand.

And maybe users that used LWCAD before can answer on how to use the tools.

So those who complained about the manual, please ask your questions :)

Best regards,

P.D: Getting sick on how the forums are becoming sometimes a personal war sandbox than always beign a helping resource! :(


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Yeah, that "BiteMe" reply by cc3d was soo inspirational LOL

Anyway, as for the donations deal, the guy was already paid a good sum
of money and it's HIS job to provide a manual, not NewTek's or
the people out here to further give him more money.

I like what was said in the CGTalk forum on this, which was, no one expected
e-on or that compositing program I can't remember off hand that were also
given away free with LW to NOT have manuals with them,
why should this be any different?

Why is it, that if people want a simple manual for something, then they're
automatically tagged as whiners and complainers looking a gift horse
in the mouth all the time.
It's a reasonable request and has absolutely
nothing to do with being an ingrate or anything.

And again, to those who feel they already know the program so well, why
can't you do like everyone else does and chip in and help the others out here?

Is it that difficult to help out a little?
That's what this place is for, to get answers
to things and help when you can and it's available.

As for the writing of a manual, it doesn't need to be all that complex.
I write tutorials all the time and I DO realize and understand what it takes
to make something like this, but I also know that a little more concise info
can do wonders without even having to write any lengthy material.

And to cc3d, if you just want to lord yourself over others because you're
so brilliant, then I guess that's how it is, but it wouldn't hurt you to
share what you have learned and show some goodwill.
Assuming you really have mastered this thing as you claim?

And your point about doing a "little work to figure it out",
I think if you would of already read my earlier post, that I DID spend over
4 hours trying to complete that one tutorial and never could make it work,
not like the tutorial shows it working that is.
Yes, I am quite sure I could of made it work doing the "guessing game"
method, but that's all it would be, me just "guessing" as to whether
or not I was doing things the way they were meant to
be done in his GIF tutorial samples?

So, "you" are missing the point here.
We all can "guess" our way through this and I'm certain create something,
but we have no clue if it's the correct way or not and could very well be
missing the true techniques and tools we should be using to make things work?
And as bryphi77 so perfectly put it, we all don't have loads of
time to sit around experimenting and playing the "guessing game".

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Steve Reeves

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Hi Mark,

I agree that the author of LWCAD is responsible for supplying the documentation. My assesment of the email to garee from the author is that it simply 'aint going to happen.

I didn't actually mean we'd pay the author of LWCAD to do some docs (no way!) , I meant if there was an experienced user out there who would be willing to spend some time writing some docs then maybe it wouldn't be unjust to ask for a small donation for his/her time.

take care all.


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Getting sick on how the forums are becoming sometimes a personal war sandbox.....

Yeah... I think all forums do that. I tell my friends, "if you want to enjoy the game, stay OFF of the forums." No one listens though. Its like a train wreck, they just HAVE to watch.

The anonymity of the internet seems to give some people a little TOO much freedom.


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Umm.. to David, I think there's a lot more then simply
asking a few questions and having someone answer them.

But, with that said, then if you or anyone has actually been able to follow
the tutorial for the hallway and complete it, then please post said steps.
And if you have and do, then are they real steps from the LW-CAD or more,
"I guessed about this and tried that and they seemed to work, but don't
really know if they were what you really were supposed to do?" kind of reply?

Because, like I say, we all (I'm sure) can mess around and figure out some
sort of method to figuring out on how to make things work, but
that doesn't nessisarilly mean we're doing them right.
That's where an actual manual comes in.

Thanx, and you are right, this is just going to turn into an,
"I'm smarter because I supposedly figured it out before everyone else,
so they all must be just dumb or not spending enough time screwing
around with this thing trying to figure out how to work it "correctly",
kind of thread.

So oh well, I guess?

We can wait till v2 comes out and hope they post an actual manual there for us?



One thing that helped me was keeping the numeric window open for each tool and trying each different option to see what they did.


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Ahh, I see what you mean, Steve.
Yeah, that would be worth something I guess.
Though I of course still think we shouldn't have to be
doing that in the first place, but I see what you are saying.

Actually, I'm not gonna stress over this anymore.
I have enough other things on my hands right
now anyway to worry about this plugin deal.

It's neat to have and for those who have figured it out,
then I'm glad for them.

I just have too much to do right now to spend
any more time fiddling around and guessing at this stuff.

Thanx though and to anyone else who has tried to contribute :)

It's been brought up that this is turning into yet another forum war
and whatever, and I see it that way too, but also see that if no
one wants to read wars, there's no one making them read.

I'd prefer that the ones who claim to already have figured this out,
put out some fires here by simply posting their own steps to how they
achieved their own results, and NOT having everyone post individual
questions for every little thing, since there would be too many and
steps would cover most of those kinds of questions a lot faster.
And to this extent, I suggest the Hallway Tutorial be done first,
since that's one that is mentioned and is a supposed tutorial
for us all yet most haven't been able to figure it out yet,
or at least not the whole thing or done as shown. :)

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