NewTek activates LightWave Rendition for Adobe Photoshop Open Beta Program

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LightWave Rendition for Adobe Photoshop provides photorealistic 3D render output. Based upon the Emmy Award-winning render engine native to LightWave 3D, LightWave Rendition for Adobe Photoshop gives you the ability to render models imported through Photoshop CS3 and deliver the detail, textures and lighting attributes found in the original 3D object format, all within the Photoshop environment.

See how you can Enter the 3rd Dimension of Photoshop CS3 today.
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oh, so we're supposed to pay you to help develop your product....
i'm thinkin not.....


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Half FULL version is you get about $50 off to help:)

Which, of course, is meaningless if during the beta testing process one finds the product in question either unsatisfactory or unnecessary.

For example, as one who has and uses both LW9 and PS CS3 Extended, what would be the point of spending $99 merely to "save" $50 for the ability to render LightWave models in Photoshop?

IMHO, NewTek needs to drop this silly Barnumesque policy.


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Anybody got a gun to your head?

Didn't think so.

If you don't need the plug in then what do you care?


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For example, as one who has and uses both LW9 and PS CS3 Extended, what would be the point of spending $99 merely to "save" $50 for the ability to render LightWave models in Photoshop?

So you want the beta. Why?

You already have LW and Photoshop CS3 Extended .. and apparently that's all you need.

A lot of noise about a plugin you don't want ..


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Pay to help develop the program

Newtek, come on! Really! I have to agree. While I think Rendition would really be helpful, I don't see the point in paying $90.00 on a piece of software that is not proven. You don't even offer a demo of the software. How do I know it is even stable enough to use??? I have participated in LightWave betas and some of the beta releases were real pains to work in.

My company has done product testing before - Where we ask a member of the potential market, we plan on selling to, to try out the product and do an hour long survey session with us. We pay the person $50.00 for the 1 hour of their time and usually let them keep the product. Pretty inexpensive for our office considering the amount of information we gain from the survey process.

Again, you expect us to pay you to help develop your product? This is a product that has never been released (this isn't a point release or next generation upgrade).:thumbsdow


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I'm sure NT will mourn the loss of your input, but I really can't imagine why you'd be interested in beta testing a product you have no interest in owning.
If you ARE interested in the product, then the developer has EVERY right to set the rules for their beta test.
I know this post is probably just a waste of e-ink, but you have very little chance of shaming NT into letting you play for free in this instance.


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I am interested in the plugin. I think I'd use it daily. I'm willing to help beta test Newtek's programs (again I helped beta test Lightwave). I'm not willing to pay Newtek to help them develop their software. Here is the real problem: To really put the software through the paces you have to use it everyday, in production situations. To do that, and put up with all of the frustrations that beta testing can bring to a project is one thing. To pay to do that is another.

It's not about shaming Newtek. I think they are a great company, with awesome products and great customer services...I'd like to see that continue. I saw this "pay to beta test" policy a step in the wrong direction. Just one customer putting his two cents in on a discussion forum.


Is this beta restricted to USA users?

I can't seem to log in to make the purchase & do not want my Newtek products split over multiple accounts.

This bridge to Photoshop works very well will Strata's products & I would like to see how it pans out with Lightwave. Though personally I think that this idea would be far more useful with After Effects than Photoshop. Early days I guess.



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Well, I'm interesting in this beta (and retail in the end) but it's crapy to offer this only in USA. In the end don't even know if is this the right program for me. I tryed with Strata plug-in and it give me error with house that I imported (~270k faces). How can I be sure this will work with Rendition?


Rendition sounds kind of interesting, but I'm really not sure what it is all about.

What exactly do I get as a Photoshop use who already uses LightWave?


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You might get nothing from it. It's really aimed at Photoshop CS3 Extended artists who don't have any 3D skills mainly.



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I share the opinion of most people here. I would love to give rendition a shot, but owning LW its not worth the $$$. My main motivation is to give it a try and recommend it to some of my clients and friends that have been eyeballing 3d ever since but never had the balls to leave Photoshop.

Rendition expends in a way the modeling market as well, creating demand for 3d models, as you cant model in PSD yet!

And there is no dough that Rendition is a great pre vis tool as well, and it would be a smart move to bundle it with LW and sell it as a stand alone app as well.

Come on Newtek, be street smart for once, do it like a crack dealer, spread it out first for free, bundle it with a shit load of free objects, and get people hooked on it. Once its in circulation and people appreciate it they would beg you to take there money for the smallest update.

...and yes maybe do it before Autodesk comes out with a plug for PSD.

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