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Hallo, i'm a new user of LW (very basic hobbys) and am trying to learn to use it.
At a first approach i find difficult to remember all that command and shortcuts. Why LW hasn't modelling facilities like other apps? For example manipulators to do the principals operations (like extrude, bevel, move, rotate and so on) and contestual menues? I use Realsoft3d too and by the manipulators can do the fundamental operations on objecs, polygons, points, edges and so on (see attachment).
I hope that in the Core version Newtek adds all the facilities that other softwares got.
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LW uses right mouse button for other things.. Once somebody learn keyboard short-cut will never touch context menu, because it's simply slower.. and there is very limited number of directly selectable tools in such menu.. Why somebody would like to press RMB, then moving mouse until highlighting Translate, Rotate etc. if he/she can just press left hand t, y and have immediate effect?

We have made plug-in that might interest you
It is all-in-one tool. But you don't have to pick up tool, just hover element point/edge/polygon and left/right mouse button change functionality.
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