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Hi, We’ve just released a new Xtra:

The Minds Eye BézierCurve Xtra contains a set of Lingo functions for generating Bézier curve points for drawing or animating. You can draw pre-defined or random curves in realtime or you can set a sprite animation to follow Bézier positions.

It also works in 3D! You can create 3D Bézier Curves or you can animate a 3D object travelling along a Bézier path (see the example Director movie in the full evaluation bundle)

It also allows you to import 3D splines or animation paths from 3D Studio MAX. The full evaluation bundle contains a MAXScript file for exporting lines to XML. The BézierCurve Xtra contains 3 functions for importing XML file data.

You can download it from

Any comments would be most appreciated.

Many thanks,
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