New Window?

John Perkins

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I've banged my head long enough, I need help.

I think what I need is section 3.3 in the ToasterScript2 docs. (that is the newest one, right?)

I want to make a new window. Not a reskinned DDR, Tvision, etc. Just a new window with all the functions written in tscript (C++ if absolutely needed).

I understand Launch():setskin() using a custom skin.

What I don't get are adding completely new controls to the window or making a new one from scratch.

Section 2.4 has this info:
To create plugins of other types, use

This is the only time New() is mentioned in the (very thin) doc.

Any help?


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Hi John,

You posted this Thread some time ago and I would want to know if you found a way to do that.

Also I would want to know where Can I found complete SDK for VT[5]. I have VT[3] but it's incomplete

Thanks in advance
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