New UberDeal at! SplineGod Video Special!


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Hi there.
I just wanted to let the LightWave3D community know that we have a new UberDeal Special going on right now.
You can find out more information here
This special includes 9 of Larry Shultz videos and a copy of UberCam 1.5 for $129.00USD. That's almost 90 dollars off what it would normally cost to buy these products separately and the money goes to help out Larry with his medical costs for his upcoming Eye Surgery to hopefully restore his eye sight so he can get back to work and produce new awesome vids for us to learn from and enjoy.

If you are not familiar with Larry or his current situation, please visit our site and look for Larry in our Citizens page area and then check out

We really appreciate everyone's support over the last year of and Larry's cause. To everyone who has donated to Larry and Camilla, thank you so much.

Kat and the Citizens.
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